Your Jext®

Jext® comes in two different types. 300 micrograms for big people (who weigh more than 30kg), and 150 micrograms for little people (who weigh between 15 – 30 kg).

How to use Jext®

Step 1: Hold the Jext® in the hand that you use to write with, with your thumb closest to the yellow cap.

Step 2: Pull off the yellow cap with your other hand.

Step 3: Place the black injector tip against the outer thigh, holding the injector at a right angle (approx. 90°) to the thigh.

Step 4: Push the black tip as hard as you can into your outer thigh until you hear a ‘click’ which means the injection has started, then keep it pushed in. Hold the injector firmly in place against the thigh for 10 seconds (a slow count to 10) then remove. The black tip will extend automatically and hide the needle.

Step 5: Massage the injection area for 10 seconds and then ask for help seeking immediate medical help.

Extra steps to take

SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION: Once the Jext® has been administered call 999 or 112 if you live in Ireland, and ask for an ambulance and say “anaphylaxis”. If your child is alone when they have a reaction they will have to make the call themselves. They shouldn’t worry, the person on the phone will know exactly what to do.

BE PREPARED: Use a second Jext® after 5-15 minutes if your child still feels poorly. You or your child should always carry an extra Jext®.

STAY WHERE YOU ARE: Your child should remain still and laid down until the ambulance arrives. Don’t let them try to get up, even if they are starting to feel better.

Learn more about Jext® below with our interactive diagram.

Demonstration video

Check out our demonstration video to familiarise yourself, you child, family and friends with what to do in the event of an anaphylactic reaction, how to recognise the symptoms, and how to take Jext®.

Jext® Trainer

A Jext® Trainer is just like the ‘real’ Jext® except for three things – it doesn’t contain any medicine (adrenaline), it has a plastic rod rather than a needle and it can be used repeatedly. It works in exactly the same way as a real Jext® and you can use it to teach your child how to use Jext®.