How to use video

It’s important your child learns how to use Jext® because they must use it as soon as they have any signs of an anaphylactic reaction.

Administering Jext® is easy, but it may not seem so easy during an anaphylactic reaction because your child might feel a bit frightened. However, if they learn properly how to use Jext®, this won’t be a problem and they will feel better about using their Jext®.

By practising with a Jext® Trainer whilst watching the demonstration video, your child, their family and friends can feel confident in using a real Jext® in an emergency.

To find out more about how to use Jext®, watch the video below:

Free Jext® app!

You can download a free app for Jext® patient support. The app is available for iPhone and Android mobile phones.

It includes:
  • Information on anaphylaxis
  • Instructions for using Jext®
  • A demonstration video
  • An expiry alert reminder system

Don’t forget to register for your free expiry alert!

Like many foods, Jext® should not be used after a certain date. This date is called the ‘expiry date’.

You can register your child’s Jext® with the ALK Expiry Alert service to receive alerts warning when it is due to expire.

You will recieve free text or email alerts saying that your child’s Jext® will soon be too old to use and that they need to get another one from their doctor.

There will be three ‘alert’ messages:

4 weeks before your child’s Jext® expires
2 weeks before your child’s Jext® expires
The day after your child’s Jext® expires