Jext® app

You can download a free app for Jext® app patient support.

The app has useful features for on-the-go including: an ‘in an emergency’ guide and help on holiday.

The app is available for iPhone and Android mobile phones.


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“In an emergency” guide

  • Step-by-step instructions for using Jext® in an emergency.
  • The app provides a location service and prompts you or your child to call 999 in the UK or 112 in Ireland, for an ambulance.

Educational videos

You can watch Jext® demonstration videos, including ‘How to use’, to help teach yourself, your child, their family and friends what to do if they experience an anaphylactic reaction.

Expiry alert service

You can register with the Expiry alert service to receive free alerts warning when your child’s Jext® is due to expire.

There will be three ‘alert’ messages:

  • 4 weeks before your child’s Jext® expires
  • 2 weeks before your child’s Jext® expires
  • The day after your child’s Jext® expires

Help on holiday

The Jext® app provides helpful phrases to help you and your child explain about their allergy whilst on holiday.