What is the Jext Trainer®?

The Jext® trainer is just like the ‘real’ Jext® except for three things - it doesn’t contain any medicine (adrenaline), and it has a plastic rod rather than a needle, and it can be used repeatedly. It works in exactly the same way as a real Jext® and you can use it to teach yourself how to use Jext®.

Try using the trainer when you are watching the video on the internet. You will feel a small ‘ping’ when you push the black tip into your thigh - it will feel a bit like someone flicking their fingers against your skin. You will also feel this if you push the end into your finger by mistake!

Be prepared!

  • Work hard at learning how to use your Jext®
  • Remind yourself of what you have learnt every month
  • Get your friends to help you by asking them to learn with you
  • If you need to use Jext®, try to stay calm and follow the instructions written on the label.