Things to remember about Jext®

Your Jext® came in a hard carry case. This special case protects Jext® and the medicine (the
adrenaline) inside Jext®. Make sure you always keep your Jext® inside this case. You should
never put your Jext® in a freezer, or allow your Jext® to freeze.

Every month, you should take your Jext® out of its special case and check that the liquid inside
the Jext® (the adrenaline) is OK. You can see the liquid by looking into the little window near
the middle of the Jext®

If the liquid looks clear and has no colour (colourless), it is OK. If the liquid is coloured or
contains small particles or bits, it is not OK.

Tell your parents, guardians, or teachers if the liquid doesn’t look OK and they will make sure
you get a new Jext®