Video demonstrations for Children

We have produced a video to show you how to use Jext® correctly. Why not watch the demonstration videos with your parents so that you feel confident about using Jext® in an emergency.

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Share this video with friends and family so they know what do to do in the event of an emergency.

Alternative video formats

If you are unable to view the videos above, or simply wish to download them to your own computer or phone, we have provided the videos in a number of alternative formats. Select the format most suitable for your device.

Video fileFor PCFor Mac or smart phones
Introduction to Jext® .wmv (14.2mb) .mp4 (11.8mb)
Symptoms of Anaphylaxis .wmv (14.2mb) .mp4 (10.1mb)
Response to Dizziness .wmv (11.9mb) .mp4 (8.3mb)
Response to Short Breath .wmv (9.1mb) .mp4 (6.64mb)
How to Use Your Jext® .wmv (11.2mb) .mp4 (7.7mb)
Dos and Don'ts .wmv (8.8mb) .mp4 (6.0mb)