How do I use my Jext®?

Jext® is easy to use, view the instructions below. There is also a short video on the internet showing you how to give yourself Jext® - watch video

Grasp the Jext® injector in your dominant hand (the one you use to write with) with your thumb closest to the yellow cap.

Pull off the yellow cap with your other hand.

Place the black injector tip against your outer thigh, holding the injector at a right angle (approx 90°) to the thigh.

Push the black tip firmly into your outer thigh until you hear a ‘click’ confirming the injection has started, then keep it pushed in. Hold the injector firmly in place against the thigh for 10 seconds (a slow count to 10) then remove. The black tip will extend automatically and hide the needle.

Massage the injection area for 10 seconds. Seek immediate medical help.