Jext® Expiry Alert

Like many foods, Jext® should not be used after a certain date. This date is called the ‘expiry date’. The expiry date of your Jext® is given on the label.

The company that makes Jext®, they are called ALK, can help you keep an eye on the age of your Jext®. For them to do this, you with the help of your parents or guardians need to click on the button below to be taken to the ‘expiry alert service’ page:

jext expiry button

ALK will send you a free text or email saying that your Jext® will soon be too old to use and that you need to get another one from your doctor. In fact, they will send you three messages! The first one will be sent 4 weeks before the Jext® expiry date, the second one will be sent 2 weeks before the Jext® expiry date, and the third one will be sent the day after the Jext® expiry date.