Allergens – These are the things that can cause an allergic reaction. For example:

Types of food such as:

  • Peanuts
  • Nuts such as almonds, walnuts, cashews, Brazil
  • Fish and shellfish
  • Milk and other dairy foods
  • Eggs

Other causes:

  • Wasp of bee sting
  • Medicines such as antibiotics
  • Materials such as rubber
  • Exercise


Adrenaline – this is the medicine inside your Jext®.

Anaphylactic reaction – Where your immune system makes mistakes and thinks that a type of food or another substance is harmful. The body starts to fight off this substance or allergen and you have an allergic reaction.
Sometimes, an allergic reaction causes annoying things like itchiness or a runny nose. But sometimes, it can cause far more serious problems like a ‘puffy’ face, a swollen tongue, and finding it hard to breathe. This severe type of allergic reaction is called an anaphylactic reaction.

Jext® Expiry date – This is the date given on the label of your Jext® You should not use your Jext® after this date. Your doctor will give you a new Jext® with a new expiry date.

Jext® - This is the medicine you have been given by your doctor. Jext® contains a liquid, which works quickly while you wait for the ambulance. This liquid is a medicine called adrenaline. Jext® automatically injects the adrenaline into your body.

Jext® Lifeline Card – this is a pocket-sized leaflet which contains important information about how and when to use Jext® You should always keep your Lifeline Card with you so that someone will be able to help you if you have an allergic reaction.

Jext® Trainer - is just like the ‘real’ Jext® except for 3 things – it doesn’t contain any medicine (adrenaline), and it has a plastic rod rather than a needle and it can be used repeatedly. It works in exactly the same way as a real Jext® and you can use it to teach yourself how to use Jext®.

The Jext® Gang – a group of people who like you, have been given Jext®.